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Summer Tires


Summer tires – confidence on the road in the warm season

The tire industry distinguishes between summer, winter and all-season tires, which have certain technical properties. Models for the warm season are characterized by a special composition of the rubber compound and a special tread pattern. Typically, the surface of such tires with less intricate lamellately compared with the winter option. Summer tires are designed for safe, reliable and comfortable operation on dry and wet surfaces. It is used in Sunny and rainy weather, on urban roads and off-road.

The absence of overly patterned tread is due to the specifics of the summer road. A large number of slats and spikes are needed in winter for driving on snow-covered and icy road surface. They are responsible for effective traction and braking on the ice. Experts recommend to buy summer tires in order to control the car in the warm season.

Relevance of buying summer tires

The unique composition of the summer rubber compound is designed for high temperatures. Trips in hot weather on winter or all-season tires will lead to rapid wear and destruction of rubber. If winter models have a soft, elastic structure, for the manufacture of summer tires are used more rigid materials. Therefore, summer tires in Ukraine are in high demand: its design can withstand the heat and hot asphalt. In the cold period, on the contrary, these tires will harden from the cold and will not be able to function normally. Of course, such situations are extremely dangerous, because they can end in serious accidents.

For the driver and car summer tires is a real value, allowing you to enjoy driving. It is known that winter tires are effective at maneuvering in ice. They are well overcome mud, loose and hard-Packed snow. And what tests are subject to summer products? Its design was created for easy movement on a clean or polluted road. Buy summer tires is for those who make frequent trips in the warm season and prefers high-speed maneuvers.

Key features of operation

Proper tread structure provides excellent braking performance of the wheels on a wet road. In the period of rains and heavy rains it can be quite slippery and dangerous. The depth of the slats and the location of the tread blocks affect the removal of water and dirt. High-quality tires prevent aquaplaning. Buy summer tires in Ukraine is quite simple, just choose a reliable online store and place your order. A virtual treasure trove, which contains the best autos, will serve as the store

Another distinctive feature of summer tires – low noise when driving. This is due to the fact that their design has no unnecessary elements and spikes. Of course, we are talking about quality products made with the use of innovative technologies and modern materials. The price of summer tires at the same time is quite acceptable and democratic, which is very pleased with the Ukrainian motorists. Successfully designed models, softening the contact of the wheels with the road, make the movement smoother and easier. Therefore, the driver feels comfortable driving even on problem areas of the road. Online store has collected a universal range of products for those who are looking for and want to buy summer tires in Ukraine.

The main subtleties of driving on a summer road

We are all familiar with the sad state of some of our roads. In the summer, this manifests itself in a variety of road imperfections and bumps. In some cases, you can find stones, small and quite deep pits. In rainy weather these shortcomings are compounded by, becoming more obvious. For almost any tire, summer means a serious test of strength and durability, on which the driver's safety depends. Good rubber improves handling and stability of the car on a different roadbed.

Winter makes motorists drive the car as accurately and carefully as possible. This is due to the deterioration of wheel grip and increased braking distance on a slippery road. In summer, the driver can relax a little: to give vent to the sports driving style and bolder to enter the turns. Therefore, those who are going to buy summer tires on the car, like the speed capabilities of this type of tires.

Parameters of selection of summer tires

Summer tires should have excellent traction with dry and wet road surface. Manufacturers pay special attention to braking efficiency in all weather conditions. This figure may be affected by the composition of the rubber compound, the area of the contact spot with the coating, the presence of additional grooves for water drainage and other factors. Safety of driving in rainy weather will provide special protection from aquaplaning.

To choose a good option summer tires, be sure to pay attention to the parameters of controllability. Tires should be fast response to steering. The parameters that affect this indicator are the shape and pattern of the tread, the stiffness of the shoulder girdle, the composition of the rubber compound. The higher these figures, the higher the cost and quality of summer tires.

An important role is played by acoustic comfort, which also depends on the composition of the silica, the structure of the frame, the tread pattern and the location of the blocks. The softer the rubber, the quieter the move. In addition, soft tires making a little unevenness of the road.

To buy summer tires of high wear resistance, you need to know the following:

  • the more open the tread, the faster the tire wears out;
  • high-strength tire is made of a rubber compound with the addition of silicon additives;
  • the strength of the tire is determined by the complexity of the frame structure.
  • Summer tires are made of hard rubber, which provides high braking performance.

Tread pattern is important for the quality of driving and may vary depending on the type of car. Tread patterns are symmetrical (non-directional or directional) and asymmetric (non-directional or directional).

Symmetrical non-directional drawings are universal and are suitable for not the fastest cars, whose drivers practice a moderate driving style. Directed well cope with aquaplaning, but it requires a certain installation.

Asymmetric treads due to the division of the pattern into several parts perfectly show themselves both in dry weather and in the rain, and also provide better directional stability and controllability. In addition, they can be divided by belonging to the type of road surface — highway or road, universal, as well as treads suitable for off-road.

You can buy a set of high-quality summer tires from well-known manufacturers in our online store. We sell tires for wheels at the most affordable prices and other cities of USA will not make you wait long.

Choice of tires for summer

Any tire, regardless of the season, has its own size – a set of geometric parameters applicable to a particular brand of car.

Size is:

  • width,
  • height,
  • tyre design,
  • the radius of the wheel (the inner diameter of the tire).

In addition to these parameters, the manufacturer also provides information about the speed index, permissible load, vehicle weight, etc.

If You need to buy summer tires in Kharkov and Kiev should pay attention to the tread pattern. Tires with a deep asymmetrical pattern show the greatest grip. The depth of the picture also indicates the level of control. Than he deeper, those this figure higher even on wet road. Marking Aqua or Rain indicates the presence of special grooves that remove water from the contact spot with the road surface and protection from aquaplaning. The price of tires, as a rule, depends on the performance and mileage resource.

Tires designed for summer, it is recommended to update at least 2-3 seasons. To extend the life of the tires, ensure the safety of management and clarity in operation, it is necessary to make a careful run-in of new tires during the week. To increase the life of the run, it is necessary to avoid aggressive operating conditions and extreme situations on the road. Do not buy cheap used tires, if you want them to meet the high safety requirements.

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Seasonal rubber, as you know, has a number of key features that allow it to withstand loads in certain temperature conditions and on certain types of surface. We are talking about the type of tread pattern, and the composition of the rubber compound. For example, for the warm season it is necessary to choose summer tires that will provide maximum comfort from driving on a dry and wet track, in different speed modes on all types of road surface. What are the tires for the summer?

Features summer tires: composition of the compound, the tread and its purpose

That these parameters are different from summer tires to winter models. The compound of summer accessories contains special additives which allow to keep the necessary level of rigidity at high temperatures of environment and asphalt. In addition, the rubber compound formula is designed so that the tire does not lose key properties during temperature changes during precipitation. Summer tires make resistant to wear, they have low rolling resistance, which gives a good fuel economy.

The tread of summer rubber is less expressive and deep than that of winter samples. There are few slats, and the type of the pattern is significantly different. However, the components for the summer elaborate drainage system formed by complexes of channels and grooves. They quickly and effectively remove moisture from the contact spot, which makes it possible to reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Types of summer tires tread

There are several types of tread pattern in summer tires. Each of them has its own purpose, features and advantages. Summer tire tread can be:

  • symmetrical classic;
  • symmetrical directional;
  • asymmetric.

The most common is the most versatile classic symmetrical protector. Many manufacturers of tires equip their products with this type of pattern. It quickly and effectively removes moisture from the contact spot, ensuring optimal handling of the car in all weather conditions. High performance results such a protector shows on a dry track. As a rule, these tires are affordable and suitable for a wide range of consumers.

Buy summer tires on the car and can be directed pattern. Their main advantage – high exchange rate stability on wet asphalt even during heavy rainfall. The disadvantage of models with this pattern is a fairly low level of acoustic comfort. Special attention should be asymmetric protector. When installing such tyres, care should be taken to ensure that the outer and inner sides are in line with their position, otherwise the tyres will wear out quickly and cause discomfort when driving. This rubber will be a great option for motorists who prefer speed and aggressive driving style. The outer side of these tires is made of a harder compound than the inner, which gives a more confident direct cruising and soft maneuverability. In addition, summer tires with an asymmetrical tread is distinguished by a developed drainage system, which instantly cleans the contact spot from moisture.

Low profile summer tires: pros and cons

We should also mention the low-profile tires. They are characterized by good directional stability and confident maneuverability. In addition, they are practically not heated. For fans of fast driving buying summer tires with a low profile is a great solution. It is fair to name the disadvantages of such models of tires. Thus, they do not always successfully overcome the roadbed of poor quality, which is especially important for Ukrainian conditions. At high speed tires can not withstand hitting the pits or bumps, which will not only damage the tires, but also to the deformation of the discs. Thus, low-profile tires are suitable only for smooth roads of good quality.

Sizes: what to look for when choosing summer tires

If you decide to buy summer tires, it should be remembered that you need to choose it by size. This is the first and perhaps the most basic parameter that should be paid attention to. The standard size includes such concepts as:

  • width;
  • section height;
  • design type;
  • landing or inner diameter.

You can find out the size that is suitable specifically for your car from the information labels inside the cabin or the operating instructions of the car. You can also consult with experts to find out exactly what size tires needed for your car.

In addition, all the necessary information is contained on the sidewalls of the tires. Here you can see the corresponding markings. For example: 185/65R15, where 185 indicates the width of the tire in millimeters, 65 – a percentage of the profile height of the width, R indicates that in front of us is a radial tire, and 15 is the inner diameter in inches.

It is very important to buy summer tires size, which will perfectly match the parameters of your car and the requirements of the automaker. Otherwise, the tires will wear out quickly, can cause damage to the vehicle or even an emergency on the road.

The most popular manufacturers of summer rubber

The modern market offers a lot of opportunities to buy summer tires in Ukraine from the world's leading brands. European concerns Continental, Michelin, Pirelli are widely represented here. You can also buy tires from Asian manufacturers Bridgestone, Yokohama, Hankook. Pay attention to the American company Goodyear, Cooper and many others. All of them occupy leading positions in the industry and provide products of the highest quality.

How to determine the degree of wear of summer tires

Like any other product, tires tend to wear out. And not always the price of summer tires is the determining factor here. To understand that the tread has become unusable, you should pay attention to the special color indicators, which are equipped with some models of tires. If they are not available, you can measure the depth of the tread using a ruler. It should be at least 1.6 mm. Finally, you can go to the car service, so that there is a special equipment to measure the depth of the grooves and the uniformity of tire wear.

The conditions of storage of summer tires

The range of summer tires includes many models for different weather and road conditions. However, none of them are suitable to be operated in winter. This is due to all the features of this type of components listed above. So at the time of cold weather tires should be properly stored so that they are ready for the new season. First of all, the tires should be cleaned of dust and dirt. Next, they must be dried and Packed in specialized covers.

It is optimal to store tires in a suspended state, or on special racks. Otherwise, they are deposited, and can be deformed and hitched. In the room where the rubber is stored, it should be dry and warm. If you store components on racks or a stack, once a month they need to be turned over.

Summer tires in the online store Tires

Why is there a division into winter and summer tires? Winter is clear: the wheels slip on the knurled peel, the tires have to resist thorns and embossed pattern. But in the warm season the road can be difficult – to the hot asphalt rubber base literally sticks, and hit at speed in puddles after rain causes the effect of aquaplaning, similar to drifts on ice. And as a "bonus" with the wrong selection of tires – a strong noise effect on the dry road, annoying many drivers. Therefore, the summer tires in Ukraine and the world have different requirements than the winter, and the composition, and speed indicators, and the depth of the tread. Our online store of tires and wheels will help you understand what factors will be the main in your case.

First, the size – the diameter and width of the profile of tires in cars and trucks is different, and different models of the same brand, they may differ significantly. Even for one machine with one disc diameter summer tires can have up to three options of suitable sizes, depending on the height of the profile.

Next: load and speed indices. Again, there is a choice that affects the cost of tires, depending on whether you will be engaged in cargo transportation, racing or just driving to work. Fans of street racing and long-distance travel should not save on quality. Usually the purchase of an expensive brand reduces the cost of suspension repairs and the frequency of visits to the service station. Leaving your car with reliable tires abroad, you also stay in the win – less nagging from the police, more confidence on high-speed highways and in the city flow, reduces the risk of accidents.

Summer tires on the tread pattern of each manufacturer is different, and it's not a whim of designers. Each new development is an attempt to improve course stability for different conditions, while increasing comfort and reducing noise. The ideal balance of these indicators is very difficult to achieve, and everyone has their own ideas about the ideal. Someone like to drift and fight the laws of physics, to hear the rumble of tires on the pavement and the roar of the engine, someone prefers a quiet ride with the most simple controls and a quiet rustling sound. In the first case, a deep symmetrical and directional relief is suitable, in the second – low with asymmetry.

It is important to consider before you buy summer tires, the condition of roads in your area. On a new highway, primer or worn asphalt, the same wheels will behave differently. For driving on the pits, choose higher strength characteristics of the cord frame, for off-road – softer in composition rubber and a wide profile.

So the human psyche is arranged that it is more convenient to study and compare information about characteristics not live, considering and feeling tires on the car market, and in the online store where there is an opportunity to open tabs. And they on our website necessarily have a photo, full technical data, price and payment terms. Confused by the diversity? Contact our consultants, their experience is at your service. They will also help you to choose the wheels for any vehicle.

Buy summer tires in USA with delivery

Our customers can buy summer tires when and where it is convenient for them: at home, at work, on the road, day and night. However, consultations over the phone are available during the working hours of the employees of the online store, but you can leave your coordinates and order a call back. We provide services of our courier to residents of Kiev, we send to other regions convenient to clients carriers.

There are times when and during the summer period there is a need to urgently replace more new tires: when strong because of the heat, the tread wear cord can not withstand the pressure and bursts, detected by a manufacturing defect or the damage is not subject to restoration. It is advisable to replace not one, but at least a couple of tires, but rather a complete set, so as not to get an imbalance between the old and new wheels.

Believe me, the price set by any be less the cost of repair or disaster recovery (and risk unbalancing very increases). And everything that is purchased from us has a double guarantee: according to the laws of our country and the one that is given by the manufacturer. Quality products have factory warranty obligations longer than stipulated by the legislation, and the service life is even longer. The main thing to use during the warmer time of the year that it is intended, and the time to change the car in the winter "guard".

Buy summer tires

As soon as the snow and ice came off the tracks, roads, streets and alleys, it is necessary to take care of the seasonal change of tires for your car. Buy summer tires in cheap today is not difficult. TireaTire offers its customers only the best prices for tires from leading manufacturers, reviews of which can not have to buy. However, the choice of summer products is an individual task for each driver. Your attention 10 main characteristics to which you need to pay attention when choosing tires for the hot season.

At high air temperature and, accordingly, the heated road surface, the softness of the tire becomes a hindrance. Indeed, the softened rubber as if sticks to asphalt, spreads on it. Due to high speeds and sharp turns, these tires are simply destroyed, which can lead not only to unforeseen costs, but simply life-threatening.

Therefore, summer rubber contains little elastic rubber, it is hard, hard. Even at high speeds, these tires do not soften, retain their shape. At high speed, these tires are cooled, which allows them to remain as hard, not sticking to hot asphalt.

The tread pattern of summer tires will also be different from winter ones. For summer rubber is not characterized by deep slats, powerful peripheral lugs. Generally, drawing is shallow, without a large number of shaped cutouts. This is understandable - in the summer you do not have to deal with a lot of snow and liquid snow porridge.

Rain summer water is easily removed from under the wheels with conventional summer tires with a shallow pattern, and if you drive on suburban roads with a lot of dirt, then you need special all-terrain tires.

Of course, no spikes on summer tires are not provided, and it is usually marked with an icon depicting the sun. If there is no marking on the tires, it is also likely that summer tires - winter tires always have their own markings.

Summer TiresPrice
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ACHILLES Summer tires 122 39 $
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