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Good car tires – only an individual choice for everyone

Think about buying another set of tires makes seasonal replacement of tires, premature uneven wheel wear, severe damage or the upcoming difficult operating conditions of the car. Before you buy tires for your car, experienced motorists make a small "marketing" research on proven and high-quality car tires. In the course are interviewing neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances of the nearest tire.

Advanced find on the Internet reviews of consumers who have had time to assess the quality of a particular model of tires. Many also draw information about the car tires from specialized magazines, which often publish test drives of new products. All these means are good! But only if you take into account the individual characteristics of the car and the driving style of the motorist. The most important selection criteria are the following:

  • The size of the tire. For each brand, there are different sizes, which are allowed to be installed on the car. Therefore, we need a selection of tires of the vehicle. If you use the wrong size of the wheels, you can then pay dearly for the repair of the chassis.
  • Tread design and its characteristics. Many properties of rubber depend on the tread pattern. For example, winter tires have a more aggressive tread design to provide a secure grip on the slippery winter road. Summer tires have a less deep pattern to move the car was comfortable at high speed. Also, depending on the driving style and operating conditions, you can choose the tires with a suitable tread pattern.
  • Properties of rubber. Manufacturers are constantly "conjuring" over the composition of the rubber compound to tires have effective properties. For example, the summer tyre should be more hard, because of the added silica. This is done to improve wear resistance. In winter, soft tires are needed so that they do not crack in the cold. To do this, elastomers are added to the composition.
  • Carcass construction. For cars on which heavy loads are repeatedly transported, it is better to choose rubber with a reinforced frame.

What if the market is full of offers? Tires from different manufacturers can have the same characteristics. The best is considered to be the products of such giants, for example, Michelin or Goodyear, which use innovative developments, and high-quality components for the rubber compound. In real life, consumers choose the tires that prices allow them to buy.

Where to buy cheap rubber, but not to save on quality?

The cost of tires of the same size from different manufacturers differs not only because of the quality of products, but also because of the popularity of the brand. However, buying rubber of well-known brands, the consumer also pays for advertising, which is included in the price of the product.

In the middle price segment, you can also find good car tires with excellent performance. For example, the trademark Matador is a subsidiary of the continental group and all their products are made using identical technologies of the tire giant, and the cost is much lower. 

The price will be affected by the characteristics of the tire. You can buy car tires online is cheaper, if you exclude the properties that are not exactly needed. For example, do not buy tires with spikes, if the ice to use the machine is not necessary.

Buy tires online is better from trusted suppliers who do not slip marriage or tires with expired shelf life. Our online store successfully works not the first year. Focusing on long-term cooperation, we offer quality rubber popular brands. Delivery is carried out throughout USA. We work daily and can advise on the choice to give you the opportunity of comfortable movement all year round.

Summer tire online

Buy summer tires can be operated at temperatures above +7 degrees Celsius. Used for the production of a more rigid summer tires that can withstand the high temperature and the road surface and resistant to abrasives. To achieve these properties allow its special components and additives. The structural features of the tread of the drawings lead to excellent performance characteristics, the coupling quality of the course and the shunting resistance, and the speed and clarity of response to command steering. The protector has a developed drainage system formed by several radial channels and interblock grooves. When driving on wet surfaces of roads summer tires perfectly cope with the evacuation of water flows of their contact spots, while providing high resistance to aquaplaning.

Buy winter tyres online

Winter models are used in temperatures below +7 degrees. When making use of soft, elastic rubber winter does not freeze even in the severe cold. To do this, silicon-containing polymer compounds, natural oil and other innovative components are added to its compound. Tread elements are equipped with a large number of slats, which can have a different shape, but always perform one function – strengthening the edge effect. This ensures maximum traction, effective braking and stability on snow-covered and icy roads. Drainage systems of winter models are characterized by high capacity, which allows them to qualitatively remove water and snow sludge from the contact zone, eliminating slashing and aquaplaning.

For the most difficult road and weather conditions, the wheels can be equipped with spikes.

Pick up all-season tires

All-season tires can be used in any season of the year. Rubber tread of such products is usually conditionally divided into two functional zones, one of which is designed for winter conditions, and the other – for summer. They provide good driving qualities and coupling properties at temperatures up to -7 degrees. Therefore, this rubber is recommended for use in a mild winter.